1. Friday July 12

    Madrid, Spain

    An adventure we’ve been planning for months, Madrid welcomes Claire and I as we watch in awe while sculpture and sunset surrounds us. Katie lives in Madrid for her internship at the US Embassy, so we know this weekend will be a series of unlikely events conspiring in our favor.

    Walking through the city’s Retiro Park leads to a stone opening that proves how dusk and water can make you feel grateful for new places and the feet that get you there.

  2. A Madrid lion conquers sunset in Retiro Park.

  3. Retiro Park in Madrid overlooks a lake where people ride boats, sit on historic stonework, and feast on sunset.

  4. Sunset in Madrid

  5. The end of our first day in Spain means a fascination with another city’s public transportation.

  6. Saturday, July 13

    Madrid, Spain

    We wake up in the land of statues of men on horses.

  7. A street off of Madrid’s Mercado San Miguel holds greenery and apartments packed with life and light.

  8. The arches of Madrid’s Plaza Mayor hide homes, shops, life.

  9. Madrid’s bear, also on its coat of arms, rests in Peurta del Sol.

  10. As Claire and I get lost in Madrid, we find Hotel Anaco’s charming hand-painted wall.