1. Monday July 1

    Oxford, England

    The first High Table Dinner at Trinity College greets us with warmth and mirth. The gardens are greener than our dreams and the sky only threatening a joyous sort of rain – which we somehow encountered only twice in 6 weeks of British delight. 

  2. Wednesday July 3

    Stratford, England

    The immense and striking British countryside leaves me in awe as my Shakespeare course, tutored by Dr. Dutton, travels to Stratford Upon Avon to visit the childhood home of William Shakespeare, frolic through town, visit his resting place, and then end the day with an exceptional performance of As You Like It at the RSC. So many of my dreams materialized in one day, and I have never felt more grateful.

  3. Thursday July 4

    Oxford, England

    A night of barhopping to celebrate our home country’s independence from our host country (the irony was not lost on us) brings us to The Eagle and Child, favorite pub of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis.

  4. Friday July 5

    London, England

    On my first expedition to London, Claire and I take a bus from Oxford to meet with our childhood friend Katie, who was working at the embassy in Madrid (no biggie). We also met her friend Shoshanna, and we all frolicked with immense joy and visited museums and ate gelato and felt grateful for consciousness. 

  5. Saturday July 6

    Oxford, England

    Alice’s Day celebrates Alice in Wonderland and Lewis Carroll’s literary contributions to Oxford and the world. Christ Church, like much of the city, opens its doors for special exhibits and general celebrations on this day.

    We also explored its dining hall, of which Harry Potter’s is based. We also visited the campus’s church with the most beautiful stained glass windows of any Oxford college. Did you know that the origin of ‘story’ to refer to a tale is its relationship to the stories (as in ‘height’ or ‘floor’) of a church indicating the progression of biblical tales as they move through the height of a stained glass window? Oxfordian knowledge!

    The final image is the staircase of a library with artifacts from early Alice in Wonderland art.

  6. Tuesday July 9

    London, England

    My international communications course, taught by UGA’s Dr. Rhodes, travels to London for the day to meet journalists at The Guardian, hear them speak, and learn about the office culture of a leading daily, global newspaper.

  7. Wednesday July 10

    Oxford, England

    I ignore Trinity College’s rivalry with Balliol College and pay 1 pound to visit the neighboring campus. Students sunbathed in the gardens like cats absorbing life, tourists (like me) meandered through an equally beautiful dining hall, and I found a miniature labyrinth lined with hedges.

  8. Monday July 15

    Oxford, England

    A late night stroll along the Thames proves that a 10 pm sunset gives immense life.

  9. Tuesday July 16

    London, England

    My international communication class takes our second and final day trip to London to meet Terry Mansfeld of HEARST Magazines, as he introduces us to journalists and Editors in Chief of Elle, Good Housekeeping, and more.

  10. Wednesday July 17

    Oxford, England

    A stroll along the Thames on a glorious sunny British Tuesday brought Anna, Aashka, and I to several miles of duck territory, a houseboat called the Dawn Treader, a beautiful riverside cottage, and a restaurant with excellent brie sandwiches hidden in a friendly residential neighborhood.