1. Wednesday July 10

    Oxford, England

    I ignore Trinity College’s rivalry with Balliol College and pay 1 pound to visit the neighboring campus. Students sunbathed in the gardens like cats absorbing life, tourists (like me) meandered through an equally beautiful dining hall, and I found a miniature labyrinth lined with hedges.

  2. Monday July 15

    Oxford, England

    A late night stroll along the Thames proves that a 10 pm sunset gives immense life.

  3. Tuesday July 16

    London, England

    My international communication class takes our second and final day trip to London to meet Terry Mansfeld of HEARST Magazines, as he introduces us to journalists and Editors in Chief of Elle, Good Housekeeping, and more.

  4. Wednesday July 17

    Oxford, England

    A stroll along the Thames on a glorious sunny British Tuesday brought Anna, Aashka, and I to several miles of duck territory, a houseboat called the Dawn Treader, a beautiful riverside cottage, and a restaurant with excellent brie sandwiches hidden in a friendly residential neighborhood. 

  5. Tuesday July 8

    Trinity College, Oxford

    Treasures of the Bodleian Library lecture before High Table Dinner #2.

    Anna, Claire, Aashka, and I get accustomed to the fanciness that is Monday night High Table Dinner and its preceding lecture and wine in the garden.

  6. Friday July 12

    Madrid, Spain

    An adventure we’ve been planning for months, Madrid welcomes Claire and I as we watch in awe while sculpture and sunset surrounds us. Katie lives in Madrid for her internship at the US Embassy, so we know this weekend will be a series of unlikely events conspiring in our favor.

    Walking through the city’s Retiro Park leads to a stone opening that proves how dusk and water can make you feel grateful for new places and the feet that get you there.

  7. A Madrid lion conquers sunset in Retiro Park.

  8. Retiro Park in Madrid overlooks a lake where people ride boats, sit on historic stonework, and feast on sunset.

  9. Sunset in Madrid

  10. The end of our first day in Spain means a fascination with another city’s public transportation.